The US Hydroponics Association Presents Secret Survival Garden

Discover what the US Government, Military and Covert Survivalist Already Know:

How to Easily Grow a Secret Survival Garden And Not Just “Survive” But Actually Prosper During the Coming Food Shortage

Your Food Supply is not Secure or Stable!

Did you know that most people in the U.S. are unprepared for a food shortage? You probably assume that food will always be available whenever you need it but true survivalist know that is completely untrue: Empty Grocery Store

What will you do in a food shortage?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) suggests families have 8 months of food on hand. That would cost you over $4000 per person!

The World is Treading on Dangerous Ground

The strain on the world's food system is making a global food crisis more of a reality. Instability in world governments, economies, unemployment, food and water supplies, and currency are all major concerns. You need to be prepared with your own Secret Survival Garden!


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The World Economic Forum cited rising demand for water, food and energy as a risk facing the world. The report raised the issue of shortages, which could "cause social and political instability, geopolitical conflict and irreparable environmental damage."
The global food situation doesn’t look too promising, as floods in Australia and excessively hot weather in Latin America harm harvests, upward pressure is mounting on prices. - Wall Street Journal ( 1/13/11 )

War is a Common Disrupter of Food Supplies

Bullet holes in a wall If the streets of foreign countries that we depend on for food are filled with rubble and threats of violence, how will those farmers continue to produce food that eventually gets to you and your family? War can easily cause the complete disruption of food supplies in countries that we rely on and if that happens a crop that was common day may become a rarity. If the surrounding infrastructure of our foreign food supplying nations starts to collapse, you will need a way to replace those lots food crops to feed your family. “Sniper fire, street clashes and shelling have prevented people from venturing outside of their homes to get food and medicine.” - U.N. refugee agency about the recent situation in Libya.

Your Outdoor Garden Will Be Looted Overnight!

If you’re like most “prepared” survivalists, you may have a garden in your yard already. But you can bet that it will be looted by hungry, unprepared neighbors (commonly referred to as “zombies” – the walking unprepared who scavenge and loot) in the middle of the night to feed their own families. Backyards are easily visible and raid-able by anyone who is hungry. The ideal long-term food solution won’t even be noticeable to outsiders. With Hydroponics, you can grow everything you and our family need to survive – and since it is indoors, no one will know what you’re doing!

Hydroponics Has Been Proven Through Out History

Blueberries In World War II, troops stationed on non-arable islands in the Pacific were supplied with fresh produce grown in locally established Hydroponic systems. Later in the century, Hydroponics was integrated into the space program. As NASA considered the practicalities of locating a society on another planet or the Earth's moon, Hydroponics easily fit into their sustainability plans.

Survivalist Need the Ultimate Off-the-Grid food supply

Growing a Secret Survival Garden using Hydroponics is the best answer for your long-term food supply!

Grow Amazing Nutritious Tomatoes

Tomatoes Grow tomatoes that look like these in a small, inexpensive kit in your home.
Hydroponic Blueprint was created to help interested first time growers like you understand the total growing process. We made it easy for you to get started with your Hydroponic Secret Survival Garden and be ready in the event of any emergency.

The Hydroponic Blueprint gets you:

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Definition of Hydroponics

Definition of Hydroponics

Your Secret Survival Garden Feeds You Now and Later Make up to $10k a month from your garden!

As prices rise and quality worsens with production coming from 2nd and 3rd world countries, fresh local produce will be in high demand and we can’t depend on traditional in-ground farming. And did you know that in the 1930s, 75% of Americans knew how to grow their own food – today only 8% do. With a 2,000 sq. ft hydroponic garden, you can provide around $10k a month in locally grown, organic product! Grow the right crops, package and sell in your local market and it can happen. Imagine the additional supplies that you could purchase with a profit center like that!

Get an Easy Organic Garden for Your Family

We’ve all heard the increasing amount of information & research telling us organic food is the best way to feed ourselves. With a hydroponic garden in your home, you can provide all the benefits of organically grown food to your family:

Expert Guidance for your Secret Survival Garden

Tom Blount

Military Hydroponics Expert Tim Blount
The Hydroponic Blueprint gives you 30 years of experience and expertise right at your fingertips. Our experts will show you how to build a Hydroponic system to meet your family’s needs and is the best Hydroponic Training program available. This simple 1-2-3 method will show you:

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  • 4 Hours of How-to & Instructional Videos
  • 6 Guides and Checklists
  • Weekly Checklist
  • Mandatory Tool Kit
  • Grower’s Glossary
  • How to Build a Simple Solar System to Power Your Survival Garden
  • The Complete Nutrition Survival Garden

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Survivalist FAQ: 6 Most Asked Hydroponic Questions?

Q: Isn’t hydroponics too hard to figure out?
A: No, not if you are taught by an experienced professional. Most resources on the web do a terrible job of training people and often are mis-leading. If you approach hydroponics in the way that we teach it, with a proven expert like Tom Blount, then you will figure it out very quickly. We have done the hard work for you!
Q: Do I need a ton of space in my home or other location?
A: No, this is another myth. You can grow pretty much anywhere in your home or creative location. If all you have is a small closet then that will even work. Depending on what you want to grow, the quantity and a few other factors that we teach you in the course you can utilize small and large spaces!
Q: Aren’t the plants filled with Chemicals?
A: No, growing hydroponically drastically reduces the regular and harmful pesticides that are used on soil-grown plants and fruits.
Q: Is it expensive to grow and to keep growing?
A: Gardening indoors is more expensive than traditional gardening. The initial costs are much more significant and maintenance costs will also be a factor, but our “Hydroponic Blueprint” walks you through how to build your own in a easy to follow D-I-Y style for under $100. It all depends on how “big” you want to go.
Q: Is it time consuming?
A: Hydroponic gardens will not take up all of your time, but you will need to pay more attention to the system then you would to plants growing outdoors. You will need to check your pH frequently, change out your nutrients once a week and perform general maintenance on your garden to achieve optimal performance.
Q: What are more of the advantages to Hydroponic Growing?
A: There are many advantages and disadvantages to gardening indoors using hydroponics. Let’s start off with some of the advantages: Bigger, Better, Faster Growing hydroponically allows for bigger, healthier plants that usually grow faster and produce more fruit. When growing indoors and using the proper lighting, most plants will go from seed to flower in as little as 3 months or less depending on the crop. Harvest fresh fruit and vegetables year round Since you are growing indoors with the aid of artificial lighting, you can decide when to grow. You are not dependent on the seasons to decide when you can plant and harvest. Total Environmental Control Too hot in your room – vent out your light. Too cold - add a heater. Too humid - bring in some fresh air. Indoor gardening allows you to provide optimal conditions for your plants to grow in. Being indoors also helps avoid mold, pests and other adverse creatures. Ease and Simplicity Hydroponics is actually derived from Greek meaning “water” and “labor”. Hydroponic systems do all the work for you. Simply set the timer and the system automatically delivers water and nutrients to the plants.

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