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The Ultimate Hydroponic Getting Started Guide

The Hydroponic Blueprint is a digital product available online. Nothing is mailed to you.

Are you tired of the incorrect, disorganized, and generally untrustworthy how-to information about hydroponics available online? We’ve developed the Hydroponic Blueprint program to be a complete, straight forward learning solution to teach you the A to Zs of hydroponics. Created by an expert hydroponic grower with over 30 years of experience, Tom Blount is actively involved in some of the largest hydroponics projects in the US including working directly with manufacturers to build the next generation of hydroponics equipment.

  • 4 Hours of Instructional Videos
  • 6 Guides & Checklists
  • BONUS: Hydroponic Grower’s Weekly Checklist, Mandatory Tool-Kit, & Glossary

Build your Hydroponic System for just $50

We’ll show you how to avoid costly hydroponics systems that will cost $100s and instead build your first hydroponics system for $50. We’ll show you what to buy from stores just around the corner like Home Depot & Walmart and how to put your system together.

Tom Blount

Learn from a Hydroponic Master

Tom Blount is a highly experienced hydroponic grower with over 30 years of experience. The US Hydroponics Association worked with Tom to leverage his experience and create the ultimate getting started guide for hydroponic growers, the Hydroponic Blueprint. Tom discovered at an early age that producing your own food is very important and spent 30 years as a gourmet chef, running successful restaurants using hydroponics to grow his greens. He later learned to use hydroponics to create an indoor gardening business and sold those restaurants to persue growing full-time. He now works with major manufacturers to advance hydroponic growing and its benefits across the US.

The Hydroponic Blueprint will show you how to:

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  • 4 Hours of Videos
  • 6 Guides & Checklists
  • Weekly Checklist
  • Mandatory Tool Kit
  • Grower’s Glossary

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