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"Don't even think about becoming a hydroponic grower until
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Tom Blount
Tom Blount

Hydroponic Growing Engineer

  • Why 90% of hydro-growers will fail without this first crucial step...
  • How-to develop a "hydroponic grower's mindset" for lasting success, so you don't keep making the same mistakes over and over again...
  • Learn from a QUALIFIED hydroponic expert, a grower who actually knows how to teach you from experience...
  • Find out which systems are "bogus" and a waste of your time, energy, and money...
  • How-to develop the accelerated nutrient solutions for your specific crop...
  • The 5 questions you must ask before you even think about growing hydroponically...
  • Discover how you can build your own and get started today growing delicious and safe fruit and vegetables in your home!

From the Desk of A.J. Yager:
Wednesday, 8:32 a.m.

Let me ask you this...

Do you ever get the feeling you're being taught yesterday's information from growers who haven't really stayed on the cutting-edge of hydroponics? Or even when it does seem like you're getting some good info you're still not quite getting the full story?

I know how important growing hydroponically is to our future and I'm passionate about helping hydro-growers...just like you...grow smarter!

So with that said, what does this have to do with you?

If you have NEVER "grown" anything in your life whether in soil, hydroponically, or you have tried but failed...then keep reading!

The BIGGEST Problem In Hydroponics That You Will Face...
If You Haven't Already!

To be blunt, there is just too much mis-leading and un-tried hydroponic growing information on the web; videos, photos, wanna-be scientists, forums, and amateur hobbyist opinions, scattering the important information with the useless. Not only that, but also companies taking advantage of new growers by "jacking-up" the prices on lights, nutrients, and basic hydro-growing gear.

The BEST Solution In Hydroponics You'll Find Anywhere...
Is available now!

Introducing Hydroponic BLUEPRINT, a training program designed specifically for beginner hydro-growers by serious hydro-growers, delivering you step-by-step, easy to understand, fun to apply, beginner knowledge!

My philosophy is simple: If you are going to grow hydroponically then you should learn from the best and have a solid plan of action to reach your goals faster.

There is a lot of B.S. and opinions on the web these days. People "thinking" they have a great system, then spreading that on youtube and other forums, in which case are wasting your money, energy, and time.

If you want to get REAL solutions to your problems, then click here to start!

Learn How To Shorten Your Learning Curve, Start Winning Sooner And Avoid Costly Pitfalls Overnight!

Grow Amazing Nutritious Tomatoes

You can grow tomatoes that look just like these in a small, inexpensive, kit in your home!

This means that without a doubt you benefit 100% from our experiences of what it takes to succeed, and learn how to shorten the learning curve, avoiding many failures that can drain your time, energy, and money!

Don't make the mistakes thousands of people make when growing hydroponically!

The reason this program is called "Hydroponic Blueprint" is because if you're like thousands of other beginner growers out there, your searching online to find some helpful information. When you are done searching through some of the pages you find all sorts of great resources but the main questions you can't answers is:

Where Do I Begin?

Most growers just listen to their neighbor or buddy down the street, listen to all the marketing hype, and eventually fail...wasting money and time!

Grow Blueberries with Hydroponics, An Amazing Source of Anti-oxidants!

This is what we want to help you avoid...

What if you had a simple 1-2-3 method that specifically shows you where you should begin, what to buy, and how to build your own inexpensive but effective indoor grow project?

If you haven't been able to GROW your big, nutritious, beautiful plants no matter what you've tried …

And if you're sick and tired of working like mad and wasting time only to see your plants die...

Then the PROVEN, Hydroponic Blueprint breakthrough you're about to discover will be music to your ears. 

No other program in the world does what The Hydroponic Blueprint can do… and the BEST part is, your secret weapon isn't some lame cookie-cutter contraption from the store… it's a very step-by-step system that you can follow with ease and fun! Now you really can grow your own produce and see jaw-dropping results in your very first 14 days!   


The Complete Hydroponic Blueprint Program!

  • The Hydroponic Mindset Mind-Map

    Blueprint Solution #1: The Hydroponic Mindset Mind-Map
    ($27 Value)
    This is where it all starts. It is a dynamic and printable PDF document that you can use for reference and notes. This mind-map outlines the 5 most important questions you MUST ask yourself before getting started! NOTE: (If you opted into our home page for the mind-map cheat-sheets, then you should have these already, if not then they are of course included in the program!)

  • The Hydroponic Mindset Videos

    Blueprint Solution #2: The Hydroponic Mindset Videos
    ($67 Value):
    This is the beginning of the program and includes a one-on-one interview with expert grower and hydroponic entrepreneur, Tom Blount. This video walks you through the first blueprint in a unique visual step-by-step process on how to get started by building a effective foundation as a grower. You'll also learn the 5 questions you must ask yourself before you even think about growing hydroponically along with how to answer those questions for your own unique lifestyle and situation. Tom doesn't do one-on-one growing consultations any longer…but, when he did, he charged $300 per hour to reveal this type of information. The great thing is you will get ALL of his best tips in this video for pennies on the dollar.

    But that's just the tip of the ice berg…

  • The Hydroponic Blueprint Mind-Map

    Blueprint Solution #3: The Hydroponic Blueprint Mind-Map
    ($47 Value)
    This is core outline of the entire process and is the second printable PDF map that you can continue to use as a reference! The map explains the best way to "look" at the process of beginning as a grower in a cool and easy way to understand and apply! NOTE: (If you opted into our home page for the mind-map cheat-sheets, then you should have these already, if not then they are of course included in the program!)

  • The Hydroponic Blueprint Videos

    Blueprint Solution #4: The Hydroponic Blueprint Videos
    ($97 Value):
    This is THE heart and soul of the program and continues the one-on-one interview with expert grower and hydroponic entrepreneur, Tom Blount. This video walks you through the core blueprint discussing the 6 elements (Location, Space, Time, System, Crop, and Output) that you need to go through to become a successful hydroponic grower!

  • The Do-It-Yourself Action Steps LIVE Videos

    Blueprint Solution #5: The Do-It-Yourself Action Steps LIVE Videos ($197 Value): This is where we "make it happen!" After you complete all of the blueprint training that builds your knowledge foundation, then you can get your hands dirty while we take you behind the scenes to show you step-by-step in LIVE video footage how to build your own hydroponic indoor garden. Over 1.5 hours of footage covering what supplies to buy, how much to spend, how to assemble, what tools you need, and where to locate your grow project for the best results!

 What do you think this proven BLUEPRINT developed by 30 years of experience Is Worth?

Maintenance Is A Necessity!

It doesn't matter if you have never grown anything before or you have tried growing with hydroponics, but fell flat on your face...this "master plan" can be applied for immediate results.

"It's not too often that you can say that but in this rare situation it's 100% true and one of the reasons why we're so excited."

Many growers are going to benefit from this in countless ways. However, if you're a total newbie these mind-map blueprints alone are going to save you $1,000's in mistakes.

Can you live with that?

Either way, As you can see above, this entire 5–part program is a real $435 value. But today, you won't have to pay anywhere near that!

In fact, it would be a no-brainer at twice the price!

That's why you may be surprised to learn that we're giving access to the Hydroponic Blueprint for only $97!

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But Wait, There's More…3 FREE BONUS GIFTS

When you order the Hydroponic Blueprint Program, you'll also get instant access to these awesome bonuses of which we have never before shared until now. These bonuses are worth $76...but yours for FREE...

Bonus #1

The Hydroponic Grower's Weekly Checklist – This is an invaluable tool that every grower should have but most simply don't. If you want to be able to grow healthy, delicious, safe, food then there is a lot of things to remember and things that you must do. Sometimes this can be overwhelming...until now. This is a check-list that you can print off and re-use over and over again to make sure that you are doing the right tasks and the right times!

Bonus #2

The Hydroponic Grower's Mandatory Tool-Kit – Every successful grower has to have the right tools and with the unbelievable myriad of marketers and companies pitching their tools on and off the web...well it can be overwhelming, so we put together another solution for you that explains what tools you should get that are the BEST and how they can help you get the job done right!

Bonus #3

The Hydroponic Grower's Glossary – The HBP Quick Reference Guide is like CliffsNotes™ for the entire program. You'll want to refer back to this again and again as your plants begin to flourish and you get more and more entrenched after each day of the program. It will save you a lot of time and effort, for sure.

These three bonuses are valued at $76, but today they're yours – absolutely FREE!

We designed The Hydroponic Blueprint to be the fastest and simplest program EVER, created for those of us who LOVE to GROW, LOVE to EAT healthy food, but HATE the slow results and risks of time, energy, and money that can result from not knowing the right way to grow!

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Fact: This program will teach you how to quickly and easily GROW your own crops in your home in 60 daysGUARANTEED! And…

If You Don't Produce Your First Crop Fast, Then It's

Our team has dedicated the last several years to exposing hydroponic scams and rip-offs.  In fact, I consider it my job to protect my clients from all the empty promises out there.

That's why I don't blame you if you're a little bit skeptical. It's perfectly normal. So here's what I'm going to do to put your mind at ease: I'm going to help satisfy your curiosity about this program while protecting your financial interests at the same time.

It works like this: simply agree to test-drive The Hydroponic Blueprint and follow it exactly as Tom has outlined, and if for some strange reason you don't achieve the successful yields you wanted—and if all of your friends and family members don't start showering you with compliments and encouraging words—I'll immediately give you a fast and friendly refund for EVERY penny you invested in this proven program with absolutely, positively no hassle and no questions asked. You have my word.

60 day money back guarantee

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To Your Hydro-Growing Success,


A.J. Yager

Strategic Farming Inc.

P.S. Don't forget, with my no-questions-asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee you get 60 days to evaluate the program and make sure it truly is the best hydroponic getting started training program EVER created. Get your no-risk copy here.

P.P.S. I hope you understand the gravity of this offer. These blueprints will quite literally give you the ability to define and control your universe as a hydroponic grower. When I look back on the path to success as growers...I can only imagine where we would be if we had access to training you've just been invited to be a part of!

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